The URL input is an input support tool specialized for URL input on smartphones.

In this tool, the standard character string included in the URL is registered as a button (key), and the keys of numbers and symbols are also arranged on the same screen.

The tool keys are located at the top of the screen and the software keyboard is displayed at the bottom.

By combining the key of the tool and the software keyboard, it is possible to significantly reduce the time required to enter the URL on the smartphone.

Screen description

From top to bottom, there are URL input fields, main keys, open / close buttons for other keys, other keys, and

How to use

  1. When you tap "https://" etc., the character string is input to the input field, and at the same time, the software keyboard of the smartphone is displayed.
  2. Operate the keys on the tool and the keys on the software keyboard to complete the URL entry.
  3. If you want to access the URL you entered, first tap "Show Link" and then tap the link to the URL displayed immediately below. If you want to copy the entered URL, tap "Copy URL".